Who’s who

The Trust board is made up of a number of volunteers:

David Gartside (Trust Chairman) - David, or Mr Chairman as he is known to his nearest and dearest has been the man running the Trust for a number of years now. He is the fourth individal to have been Chairman of the Trust and his tenure has been longer than all of his predecessors put together now. He's chalked up many years watching Dale, and he's one of the few who can claim to have seen three different promotions during his time, though he denies all knowledge of seeing the club play in Division Three North.

Murray Knight - If you've got one of those shiny membership cards, it's pretty much guaranteed that Murray has played a part in you having that. Having descended from North of Hadrian's Wall several years ago, he now considers himself to be every bit the Rochdalian, with the club at his heart.

Michael Shepherd (Treasurer) - Michael first joined the Trust many years ago as a result of his employment at the Co-Op and despite his protestations, he's remained here ever since. Whilst his footballing loyalties might belong more in Salford than in Rochdale, he has provided fantastic service to the Trust and ensured that all the finances are up to scratch. He is also noted for his insights into what is happening at Supporters Direct.

Lee Sugden - Having been coerced onto the Supporters Trust Board, Lee has quickly settled into the meetings held in a pub.  With a background in finance he always ensures change from the bar is correctly tendered while supporting Michael’s sterling efforts as Treasurer. To keep the wolf from the door Lee (unfortunately has to) works for a large Charity where he makes sure things are run properly and brings this experience to Trust matters where required.  Having been watching Dale for 30 years or so Lee acknowledges he is but a relative part-timer but promises to get better over time.

Keith Hicks - Keith has the fantastic CV that involves playing for the Football Club, running the Football in the Community department for close to twenty years and being a long standing member of the Trust board.

Siobhan McElhinney - like with Keith, Siobhan is a recognisable face around the Football Club. On a day to day basis, she too works in the Football in the Community department, and has proved invaluable in bringing the Trust and the FITC department closer together.

Colin Cavanah - Colin is responsible for the day to day maintenance of the website. He has had two previous spells on the Trust Board.

Scott Goulding (Membership Secretary) - a former Chairman of the Trust who has recently rejoined the Trust. He has taken over from Murray Knight as Membership Secretary.

Dennis Haywood - a regular at the Trust desk along with his daughter, Dennis joined the Trust in the Summer of 2016.

Ian Wright - another regular at the Trust desk before matches, Ian is the newest member of the Trust board having joined during the 2016-17 season.