Reidy returns

The Dale Supporters Trust were the Match Ball Sponsors for the game against Bury, and, in addition to the Trust members drawn to be guests for the day, Shaun Reid, with his son, also attended as special guests. Shaun regaled the guests with his memories of his time at the club and appreciated the warm welcome he received.

All enjoyed the pre-match meal in the Howarth Lounge, tickets for the game, and the post-match presentations, when a commemorative plaque was presented to the group. Unfortunately, Shaun and his son were unable to attend the post match presentation, and the plaque was donated to Keiron Rigby, a Junior Dale Trust member, a guest of his dad, Mark.

The other Trust members drawn for the day were Lynn Smith, Carole Garside and her partner Ian, and Ian Schofield. Shaun later texted the Trust "Thanks for a great day. Still a fantastic club, with warm, amazing people. A club that will always be my home"

This was the first of three Match Ball Sponsorships in which the Trust will be making a draw to choose guests to join them for the day, so, if you have not already joined the Trust, do it now to be included in the draw for the games against Wigan and Bradford.