Membership Details 2017-18

If you join the Trust, membership for the 2017-18 season is £10 for adults and exiles, and free for those sixteen and under. The benefits of membership are:

  • A nice shiny card with a brand new design for the 2017-18 season
  • Sponsoring a game – Three times a season the Trust will be Match Ball sponsors and will do a draw of its members to see which supporters will represent the Trust. This will involve match tickets and a pre-match meal for the eighteen supporters drawn out over the course of the season.
  • Wining a player’s shirt – Each month the Trust runs the Player of the Month competition and one voting Trust member drawn at random will make the presentation and receive the player’s shirt!
  • Increased Communication – members have asked for it, so we’ll make it happen. Each member will get an exclusive emailed newsletter from the Trust every month.
  • Save money with local companies – Through our ‘Friends of the Trust’ scheme you’ll be given a discount at a number of local businesses on production of your shiny Trust membership card.
  • Access to the Directors – During the season the Trust sit down with the club board and speak about matters at the football club. We will invite questions from our members and make the answers public.
  • Have your issues acted on – The Trust are always keen to seek out the views of its members whatever the issue, and act upon it where required.
  • Special Exiles Club - those living away from Rochdale can join the Exiles and have access to our Exclusive Exiles Day where we sponsor the match. Also, all exiles are listed on our interactive world map showing where they live and for the first time, supporters who wish to can have their details shared on our exclusive Members Only newsletter to allow Exile members to contact each other with a view to sharing transport to games
  • Decide who is on the Trust – The beauty of the Trust is that the people behind it are put there by the members. So if you think we do a terrible job, vote us out and replace us with someone you feel could do a better job

Click here to join as an Adult or Exile

Click here to join as a Junior