Trust Quiz at the Flying Horse

A Quiz Night was held at the Flying Horse on Wednesday evening.

It was a successful evening, with around sixty supporters coming down to take part in the Quiz, which also saw the launch of the Dale Trust Beer Mat. A mixture of questions were put to supporters on the night, involving topics such as the Year 2017, Sport, TV Themes, Pictures and the mighty Dale.

It was a very close run thing, with only a handful of points separating the top four. But with 77 points out of a maximum of 92, the winners were "Stewart Day's Magic Money Tree". The full results were:

Stewart Day's Magic Money Tree 77

Magnificent 6 1/2 75

Numpties 71

Us 70

Anything Goes 64

Do-Dahs 62

Diane Abbott's Abacus 60

Swiggy's Team 56

The Premier Team 46

Big thanks to everyone who came out on Wednesday, the Flying Horse for hosting us and putting on food and to Eden Bearshaw for being our quizmaster on the evening.