Trust Survey 2017: results + responses

Back in April, we surveyed supporters / members of the Trust on all matters related to the Trust. Here are the results of that survey, with our response to each finding.

Response: It’s been a difficult year for the Trust in terms of bodies. However, throughout the past year we have added Dennis Haywood, Ian Wright and Scott Goulding to our ranks and we are now in a position where we can increase our activities again which we hope will be noticeable throughout next season. This particular aspect of the survey will remain an annual feature.

Response: Trust membership will remain at £10 for the forthcoming season, and will stay as being free of charge for those sixteen and under. We have added a “donation” box to the membership form in response to requests from members. However, we do state that this is entirely voluntary and we do not see any expectation with this at all.

Response: This is a clear response from both members and supporters over this. To help us achieve this, we will look to canvass opinion more from our members and offer feedback to the club accordingly. Already, we are looking at more surveys such as this one which will appear on this website in the next few months. Also, we are not looking at adopting a “charity of the year” like we have done in the past following these results. However, we will still look to make such a contribution as and when it is deemed necessary.

Response: we are looking to increase the content which appears on the Trust website, and will investigate the sort of content that people would like to see appear. There was just 23 updates to the website from the start of 2017 to the end of the season, and this must improve next season if we are to keep our members abreast of our activities.

Response: We have set up a new Emailed newsletter system that we will roll out to people signing up for the 2017-18 season. This will be a monthly newsletter with the first one out in May. It's already been written into our calendar to ensure we are consistent with this throughout the season. We are also looking at adding an extra feature to them specifically aimed at our Exiled members.

Response: we intend to publicise the email address more next season as we encourage supporters to get more involved with the Trust.


Response: We are already looking at securing a number of events for 2017-18, with a return of the much missed Curry Night. We are looking at a new way of organising the events which will improve the number of events and the quality of them as well. We believe the communication issues have been addressed further up.