Trust Committee Meeting 6th April

The Trust Committee met on Thursday evening. We have a brief report of that meeting.

The Trust would be launching a survey of supporters / Trust members in the next few days to gauge opinions on the Trust and its activities. This would help mould the work the Trust do based on feedback. Future surveys are also planned for May and June to get supporter feedback on the club and football in general.

The Walk to Oldham is all set for Saturday 22nd April, with thanks raised to Trust members David Chaffey and Matthew Smith for their work with this. Plans are in place for a launch from the club shop at 10am on the day, with those running setting off later that morning. A copy of the Sponsorship form would be added to the Trust website over the weekend.

Work is taking place at the moment regarding membership for next season. Cards and the leaflet will be sorted in the next fortnight so that membership can be launched quickly into the close season. There will be an added emphasis on collecting contact details as there has been a number of occasions where it has proved difficult getting in contact with members after they have been picked out for Player of the Month awards / matchball sponsorship. There will be a change of membership secretary within the Trust for next season, so plans are in place for this and to re-develop the email mailing list that has run in the past.

We discussed possible events for next season. It is hoped that some of these can be confirmed in the next few weeks, but we would look to host the following next season: Fans Forum, Meeting with the Directors x 2, AGM, Quiz Night, 5-A-Side competition, Exile Day, Sponsored Walk and End of Season Do. We will speak to the club in the next few days about our match sponsorship packages for next season, and it was felt that we should look to resurrect the Curry Night due to comments from members. It was also suggested that we should look to a fundraising Legends match at the end of next season. All of these are in the planning stage right now so may well be subject to change.

There will be a bigger emphasis next season on interaction with members, with publicising the Trust desk in the Dale Bar on a match by match basis as a way of members being able to approach the Trust with concerns / suggestions.

The Trust will be getting back in contact with the club regarding the sponsorship of the U11 season tickets. Supporters may have read that the Trust has agreed to sponsor the packs that are provided to the U11 season tickets. Further details are required as to the progress behind this to allow the Trust to report back the details to our members regarding our investment in the season tickets.

Feedback from the Exiles Day that took place on the day of the Sheffield United game proved to be very positive, with lots of good things said about the catering. The Exiles Day had seen an increase in the number of Exiled Members.

Concerns from members had been raised regarding the work taking place in the Carlsberg Lounge and the removal of the framed shirts that had been donated to the Trust. The club would be contacted for further information.